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JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™


JBL HiQnet Performance Manager is a software application designed to configure networked audio systems within performance venues such as theatre, house of worship, and corporate and other live sound events.  It dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration.  With considerable expert system design knowledge embedded directly into the software, Performance Manager cleverly disguises the complexity of system configuration and guides even the less-experienced user through the process so as to achieve a far more optimal result than would otherwise be possible.

It achieves this at the top-level with a comprehensive workflow paradigm, enabling the operator simply to start at the beginning by predicting speaker coverage, and then work his way through the remaining system configuration stages one step at a time.  Each workflow stage provides a dedicated interface tailored for that specific function, thereby providing a clear focus as to the goal of each operation.  The workflow finishes with an inbuilt and cohesive show monitoring and control interface.



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HiQnet Audio Architect™

HiQnet Audio Architect™ audio system design and configuration software application retains the revolutionary system design philosophy centered on operational workflow first introduced in HiQnet System Architect™.

In creating Audio Architect, Harman has also incorporated the BSS Audio Soundweb London DSP system backbone within the core functionality of System Architect – combining the power of our proven open-architecture platform with AKG wireless microphones, dbx and Lexicon fixed-architecture processors, Crown amplifiers and JBL powered loudspeakers.

HiQnet Audio Architect has replaced HiQnet System Architect as Harman’s primary installed sound system configuration and control software application. Although modeled on System Architect operation, it is so much more than System Architect version 4, that it demanded a new identity all to itself. 

It features the widest range of audio devices and audio network transports at your disposal in any single audio system design software interface available today. By bringing together the two worlds of HiQnet System Architect and Soundweb London to create HiQnet Audio Architect, we have created the next stage in the evolution of audio system design software.


HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app

Audio Architect includes support for the new HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app. HiQnet Motion Control enables custom panels designed in Audio Architect to be exported to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices for mobile system control. Dedicated layout templates are available within Audio Architect for the configuration of customized interfaces, which can be used to control devices from BSS Audio and dbx. Any number of control panels designed within the Audio Architect custom panel designer can be loaded onto an iOS device directly from the Audio Architect interface, without the need to connect to Apple iTunes. Navigation between the panels couldn’t be easier - either by the use of swiping gestures or from an automatically-generated bar at the bottom of the iOS display.

HiQnet Motion Control is available from the Apple App Store.


HiQnet System Architect™


With the availability of Audio Architect, System Architect is now legacy software.  Follow the link on the Audio Architect download page to download legacy versions of System Architect...


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HiQnet NetSetter™

HiQnet Netsetter is a simple tool to enable real-time configuration of discovered HiQnet device network settings.  It is applicable for use in conjunction with HiQnet software applications System Architect, London Architect and Performance Manager in order to establish network configuration prior to or while connecting with one or more of these system design applications.

For each discovered device, the following may be set:

  • IP address (can be set manually or set to DHCP / Auto-IP)
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  • HiQnet address (can be set manually or randomized)

Download HiQnet NetSetter...


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Crown HiQnet Band Manager™ 2

Crown HiQnet Band Manager™ currently functions with the original Crown XTi  and the latest Crown XTi 2 Series amplifier.  This softwaer allows you to turn  loose the power of your Crown amplifiers while greatly simplifying system setup and management.  This is the second version of Band Manager which includes support for the Crown XTi 2 Series amplifiers and a number of new amplifier preset files for JBL loudspeakers.

Band Manager 2 gets your amps configured with more speed and less work because it's tailored specifically to portable systems. Once it's automatically discovered up to eight USB-connected XTi or XTi 2 amps, represented in a virtual rack, the included JBL speaker tunings can be easily loaded into each amplifier.

Band Manager features a sleek function-driven interface and intuitive browser-style navigation. The home screen automatically configures and displays monitor strips for each amp in the rack plus front-of-house EQ and level control, and allows you to quickly access each amp's processing. Once you have set up your system, the amp settings can be saved for quick front panel recall. 

Band Manager is hosted on the Crown website.

Download HiQnet Band Manager...



BSS HiQnet London Architect™

HiQnet London Architect is engineered by BSS Audio and is primarily the application designed for full configuration and control of the Soundweb London family of products and uses the Harman HiQnet communications protocol to do so. In addition HiQnet enables London Architect partial configuration and control of the Crown 2-channel CTs and MA series amplifiers with PIP LITE, USP3 or USP3/CN installed.

Click here to download HiQnet London Architect...

Current Software Versions

Performance Manager: 1.9.2

NetSetter: 1.0