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New: HiQnet NetSetter™

HiQnet Netsetter is a simple tool to enable real-time configuration of discovered HiQnet device network settings.  It is applicable for use in conjunction with HiQnet software applications System Architect, London Architect and Performance Manager in order to establish network configuration prior to or while connecting with one or more of these system design applications.

For each discovered device, the following may be set:

  • IP address (can be set manually or set to DHCP / Auto-IP)
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  • HiQnet address (can be set manually or randomized)

NetSetter warns of conflicting HiQnet and IP address assignments, and to enable quick and easy configuration of multiple discovered devices, the view may be filtered by status to show only devices with:

  • HiQnet address conflicts
  • IP address conflicts
  • All conflicts
  • Locked (access controlled) devices
  • Devices set to DHCP / Auto IP

In addition, rack position or array position can be cleared for each device.

Note: Simultaneously going online to dbx devices with NetSetter and System Architect or Performance Manager is not supported at this time.


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