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Workflow overview:


HiQnet System Architect™ 3.4

System Architect 3 features the same system design philosophy centered on workflow and the use of a diagrammatic representation of the installed or live sound venue first introduced in version 2.0. Devices are arranged by both their physical and logical placement allowing the designer to 'educate' System Architect about how they are to be used. In return the software is able to provide automation of many of the laborious system design tasks for free.

Also included in System Architect 3 is AVB routing support for AVB-compatible HiQnet devices. Routing audio across a system has never been easier then with the drag-and-drop of signals from device to device in the dedicated AVB routing mode. The HiQnet AVB system has been tested rigorously both internally and with our external partners, and is now ready for prime-time.


HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app

System Architect 3.4 includes support for the new HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app. HiQnet Motion Control enables custom panels designed in System Architect to be exported to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices for mobile system control. Dedicated layout templates are available within System Architect for the configuration of customized interfaces, which can be used to control devices from BSS Audio and dbx. Any number of control panels designed within the System Architect custom panel designer can be loaded onto an iOS device directly from the System Architect interface, without the need to connect to Apple iTunes. Navigation between the panels couldn’t be easier - either by the use of swiping gestures or from an automatically-generated bar at the bottom of the iOS display.

HiQnet Motion Control is available from the Apple App Store.


New in version 3.40.1-R1:

  • Various AKG DSR 700 v2 firmware bug fixes
  • Updated firmware for Crown CDi-1200, XTi-1200, CNi-6000, and XTi-6002 amplifiers
  • dbx SC Series bug fixes  
    • Bug relating to Analog Input Cards and Phantom Power fixed
    • Other minor bug fixes
  • JBL
    • Updated JBL V5 Preset Data presets

New in version 3.40-R2:

  • dbx SC Series bug fixes
    • Bug relating to loading presets assigned to a ZC zone controller fixed
    • Bug relating to frequent changes of analog input processing settings fixed
    • Other minor bug fixes


New in version

  • AKG DMS700 V2 Support
    • DMS700 V1 devices can be upgraded to DMS700 V2.1 firmware within AKG firmware upgrade manager
      • Added full support of frequency management of DMS700
      • Added control and setting of encryption from device default panel
      • Added control and monitoring of warnings
      • Added support of programmer guide
  • AKG IVM4500 IEM Support
    • SST4 devices can be upgraded to SST4500 firmware within AKG firmware upgrade manager
      • Added control and setting of RF Power On/Off and separated RF Power from device default panel
      • Added control (cut off frequency) and monitoring of Low Cut Filter
      • Added Stereo / Mono / Dual and NEW SR4500 Mode (with which a SST4500 to SR4500 wireless link can be built)
  • AKG 1 Click Setup - Reworked calculation algorithm and advanced expert settings
    • New calculation algorithm for 1 Click Setup which will find a higher number of frequencies and more robust frequencies
    • Check System - The 1 Click Setup will first check the existing frequencies if they are compatible and intermodulation free
      • Only frequencies which are not compatible will get new compatible frequencies
    • Expert Settings
      • Restricted frequency ranges, TV channels and single frequencies can be configured to restrict frequency calculation range
      • Scan threshold can be changed in 5 dB steps from -105 to -55 dB
      • AKG devices can be selected so as not to get a new frequency
      • Load environment scan for offline calculation with scan data
      • Save and load expert settings to / from file
  • AKG device warning control and monitoring
    • See the status of each device warnings (RF Low, Bat Low, AF Low) at each channel strip
    • Control and set each warning for all devices at once at new product panel menu 'Warnings'
    • HUB4000 Q does not reset the warnings state by default for SR4000 / 4500 as previously
    • Works with SR4000 / 4500 and DSR700
  • AKG RF Monitor
    • Added Record function which always records the last 5 minutes of RF data of all connected SR4000 / 4500 and DSR700 devices
  • Crown bug fixes
    • Fixed problem with I-Tech HD Series crossover panel loading
    • Fixed display of docked I-Tech HD 4 x 3500 Master Panel
    • Removed options for XTi2 Master Panels on an XTi device
    • Updated CDI Series, DSi Series and XTi Series EQ fader tick marks
    • Updated CDI Series, DSi Series and XTi Series Channel Master Fader tick marks
  • System Architect bug fixes
    • HiQnet Motion Control meter values are now saved
    • Q / Bandwidth option fixed


New in Version

  • Support for the Crown VRACK 4x3500
  • New Device Frame control for Custom Panels
    • Enables a frame to display identical parameters of different like-devices, switching between them with a drop menu – see the Help File for more information
  • Additional BSS Audio Soundweb London parameter support for HiQnet Motion Control iOS App (see readme file included with application for details)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix for Crown CTs 4200/USP / CTs 8200/USP falling offline
    • Improved support for 120DPI for Crown devices
  • Firmware updates:
    • I-Tech 4x3500HD
    • 2-channel I-Tech HD Series
    • XTi 2 Series


New in Version

  • Resolved issue that was causing Crown CTs Multi-Channel (4200/8200) amps to go offline


New in Version

  • Fix for Motion Control iOS App configuration window
    • System Architect could crash if the Motion Control iOS App configuration dialog was closed while docked


New in version

  • Support for HiQnet Motion Control™ iOS app


New in version

  • Custom Panel designer optimizations
  • Various Crown plug in fixes
  • Fix to a rare startup crash


New in version

  • Support for Crown I-Tech 4 x 3500HD 4-channel amplifier
  • JBL DPAN / DPCN firmware


Updates in version 3.00.2 patch release:

  • Crown I-Tech HD Series, USP4/CN, MacroTech i Series firmware updates (view application readme for details)
  • Fixes to I-Tech Series, I-Tech HD Series, VRACK and XTi 2 Series plug-ins (view application readme for details)
  • Parameters added for Average Impedance
  • Ability to monitor High Voltage Failure in Room Panels added
  • Custom panel optimizations for large number of user objects added
  • Update to Scheduler to discard events with an invalid recurrence
  • Fix for dbx Zone Controller to increase low-end gain boundary from -60db to -120db
  • Fix to the Region Control so that Play Audio and Display Text checkboxes are not automatically checked after a Venue has been saved


New in version 3.0:

  • New Route AVB mode including:
    • Filterable list of AVB devices within the system design
    • Drag-and-drop AVB audio routing from device-to-device
    • Pop-up AVB channel routing dialog for all AVB-compatible devices
  • Support for the dbx SC 32 and SC 64 Digital Matrix Processors with AVB high-speed option card installed
  • Support for the BSS / NETGEAR GS724T 24-port AVB Ethernet switch
    • Including the ability to launch the web server management pages directly from the device representation in the Venue
  • Increased support for Crown VRACK including:
    • Auto- population of VRACKs discovered on the network into the System Architect Venue
    • Auto-detection of VRACKs on the network as a single device
    • Drag-and-drop from HiQnet Explorer into the System Architect Venue
    • Support for multiple instances of System Archietct on the network
  • The ability to set the Home navigation button to a different Custom Panel for each user
  • Improved Offline / Online indication for devices and for the instance of System Architect
  • Proxy redundancy
  • Custom Panel designer enhancements
  • Device auto-population enhancements
  • Access Control enhancements
  • New fiirmware for:
    • dbx SC 32: AVB support, media player enhancements
    • dbx SC 64: AVB support, media player enhancements
    • Crown I-Tech HD Series
    • Crown MacroTech i Series
    • Crown XTi 2 Series
    • Crown USP-4/CN card installed in CTs Series
  • General bug fixes


Supported devices:

  • AKG HUB 4000 Q [DSR 700, SR 4500, SR 4000, SST 4 via HUB 4000 Q]
  • BSS Soundweb London family [control only]
  • Crown CDi Series
  • Crown CTs 600, CTs 1200, CTs 2000, CTs 3000 [with PIP LITE, USP3, USP3/CN or USP4/CN installed]
  • Crown MA-2402, MA-5002 [with PIP LITE, USP3 or USP3/CN installed - discontinued]
  • Crown CTs 4200 USP/CN, CTs 8200 USP/CN
  • Crown DSi Series
  • Crown I-Tech Series [discontinued]
  • Crown I-Tech HD Series
  • Crown Macro-Tech i Series
  • Crown VRACK 12000
  • Crown VRACK 4x3500
  • Crown XTi Series [discontinued]
  • Crown XTi 2 Series
  • dbx DriveRack® 4800 / 4820
  • dbx SC 32, SC 64 Digital Matrix Processors
  • JBL VP Series [with DPAN, DPCN or DPDA installed]
  • JBL powered VerTec Series [with DP-AN, DP-CN or DP-DA installed]VT4880ADP-AN
  • Lexicon PCM92, PCM96, PCM96 Surround

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