07 June 2006, Orlando, Florida, United States

With a 50% increase in product offerings since the start of the year, Harman HiQnet networked audio comes to InfoComm with a proven track record.

Harman Pro Group will be showcasing its HiQnet network protocol at this year's InfoComm 2006, demonstrating its application across a wide spectrum of installations. HiQnet has expanded on the success of its first year and has experienced a surge in the first half of its second year, providing the InfoComm audience with a proven networked audio solution.

With over 22 thousand HiQnet-compatible devices sold by the first quarter of this year (amounting to over $24 million in sales), HiQnet momentum is building at a remarkable rate. Ending the 2005 calendar year with a total of 38 HiQnet-compatible products available, Harman HiQnet was well established in its first year. But the remarkable jump to 57 available products within the first quarter 2006 further expanded the possibilities of HiQnet. A 50% increase in the product line demonstrates Harman's firm commitment to providing networked audio solutions industry-wide.

Recent Harman Pro Group product introductions with HiQnet connectivity include HiQnet System Architect™ version 1.10.1 software, Crown CTs 4200 and CTs 8200 amplifier models which feature in-built HiQnet and CobraNet networking capabilities, Crown XTi Series and CDi Series amplifiers, and JBL Professional VP Series, a twelve-model HiQnet-enabled series.

According to Mark Terry, President, Harman Pro Group, "We've been encouraged by the industry's positive response and world-wide acceptance of HiQnet since its introduction. We will continue to grow HiQnet to deliver to the industry a complete network audio solution for every application from large sports venues to conference rooms."

A complete list of Harman HiQnet Products:
AKG WMS 4000 system HUB 4000Q (1 model)
BSS Soundweb London BLU-10 (1 model)
BSS Soundweb London BLU-16 (1 model)
BSS Soundweb London BLU-32 (1 model)
BSS Soundweb London BLU-80 (1 model)
Crown CDi Series (2 models)
Crown MacroTech/CTs compatible PIP Lite, USP3, and USP3/CN (19 models)
Crown CTs 4200 USP/CN (1 model)
Crown CTs 8200 USP/CN (1 model)
Crown I-Tech series (3 models)
Crown XTi series (3 models)
dbx ZonePro 640/641 (2 models)
dbx ZonePro 1260/1261 (2 models)
dbx DriveRack 4800 (1 model)
JBL VerTec DP series (4 models)
JBL LSR4326P (1 model)
JBL LSR4328P (1 model)
JBL VP series (12 models)

HiQnet projects installed around the world include Lloydminster Multiplex in Canada; Melbourne Cricket Grounds in Australia; The EDGE® at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand; The MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada; Stade De Suisse Stadium in Berne, Switzerland; Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong; and the prestigious Gibson Amphitheater at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, California.