HARMAN Professional Introduces HiQnet System Architect™ Version 3.0, Featuring Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Capabilities at InfoComm 2011

13 June 2011, Orlando, Florida

At InfoComm 2011, HARMAN Professional today announced the introduction of its HiQnet System Architect™ Version 3.0 system configuration software, the first version of System Architect to provide Audio Video Bridging (AVB) capabilities. Version 3.0 offers AVB networked audio routing support, along with a host of additional functionality including support for the dbx® SC 32 and SC 64 Digital Matrix Processorsand the BSS® Audio/NETGEAR® GS724T 24-Port Ethernet AVB Switch, the world’s first true networkable AVB devices.

 “Audio Video Bridging is clearly the future of audio/video signal distribution, and our System Architect version 3.0 provides systems integrators and installers with an important new tool for designing and configuring AVB-based networked A/V systems,” noted Adam Holladay, Senior Market Manager, HARMAN Professional System Development and Integration Group (SDIG). “With System Architect version 3.0, the complexities of networked audio routing are greatly reduced.”

HARMAN HiQnet System Architect version 3.0 enables designers to efficiently and reliably configure a HARMAN AVB-based audio/video system using a vastly simplified graphical interface for audio routing. Signals are routed by dragging and dropping from a filterable list of all available source AVB signals onto the destination device icon in the main workspace – singly or multiple at a time. Releasing the mouse launches a pop-up routing dialog for the destination device and signals are assigned to available channel inputs. AVB enables time-synchronized, ultra-low-latency audio and video signals to be distributed over IEEE 802 Ethernet networks, offering the potential to greatly simplify A/V system wiring and installation while providing expanded signal-distribution and control capabilities.

System Architect 3.0 is compatible with all HARMAN AVB-ready products including the dbx SC 32 and SC 64 Digital Matrix Processors with the new AVB high-speed option card installed. The SC processors with the AVB high-speed option card are the world’s first truly-networkable AVB audio processors in that AVB signals may be routed over an AVB network. The System Architect 3.0 workspace also includes the BSS Audio/NETGEAR GS724T 24-Port Ethernet AVB Switch - the world’s first AVB switch for networking multichannel audio and video over standardized Ethernet. As with HiQnet devices, a representation of the switch may be loaded into the System Architect 3.0 Venue, and double-clicking will launch the NETGEAR management HTML pages in the default Windows browser so as to integrate control of the switches with the rest of the HiQnet system.

System Architect 3.0 is being demonstrated at HARMAN Professional Booth #743 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL (June 15 – 17). Underscoring its support of Audio Video Bridging technology, HARMAN Professional is also exhibiting at the AVnu Alliance pavilion at Booth 383e in the Convention Center, and BSS Audio and dbx are co-sponsoring the AVnu Alliance contractor evening at the Rosen Center, Thursday June 16 from 5:00 - 6:30pm. More information on this event, open to contractors and consultants, will be available at the AVnu Alliance pavilion.

Recent versions of HARMAN HiQnet System Architect have also offered a host of significant enhancements.  An improved Custom Panel Designer (introduced in version 2.3) makes it easier for integration professionals to create customized control interfaces.  Performance for metering controls has been improved, giving panel designers greater ability to monitor larger numbers of devices simultaneously.  A simplified access control configuration interface was also recently intriduced. This interface makes it easier to set up multiple user rights by providing a more immediate focus on the users, rather than the devices in the system. The redesigned interface is particularly useful for when System Architect is used as the day-to-day operator’s audio system control application with the new Kiosk Mode feature.