23 August 2007, Northridge, California, United States

Networking Is The Key In Choosing Harman For A Tour With All Components Communicating Under HiQnet™ Control.

Leading tour sound company Sound Image is on the road with pop/rock sensation Gwen Stefani and a rig that includes Harman Pro Group HiQnet™-enabled components from Crown International, dbx, and AKG. With System Architect as the main control application, all the Harman products integrate seamlessly to enable a network that allows the sound engineer to access the system from a variety of positions in a venue.

The Gwen Stefani tour HiQnet system comprises 86 Crown I-Tech 8000 amplifiers, four dbx DriveRack 4800s, and the new AKG HUB 4000 Q, providing HiQnet control over the WMS 4000 wireless microphone network. 60 JBL Professional VERTEC® VT4889 line array loudspeakers, 24 JBL VERTEC 4880 arrayable subwoofers and AKG IVM 4 in-ear monitors are also in use.

According to Dave Shadoan, President, Sound Image Inc., "The reason we go with Harman is its ability to network and the ability to have access to the system from multiple points.

The collection of gear the sound company has out on the road today is a result of many years of Sound Image's research and development in conjunction with Harman. Sound Image engineers continue their regular contact with Harman Pro brands' product development teams to consult on new products, including the Harman Pro System Development and Integration Group in Salt Lake City, responsible for HiQnet development and the coordination of its deployment across the group. One result of this cooperative work is seen on the Gwen Stefani tour. "An example of Sound Image working in conjunction with Harman is the dbx DriveRack 4800," said Shadoan. "We were trying to get a system that was networkable and would give us the most flexibility to use out on the road."

Sound Image has been working with JBL products for 30 years. "We like working with Harman products because we can network them and they have a sonic purity that we like," said Shadoan. "We own hundreds of VERTEC® boxes. The majority of our tours are using VERTEC systems."

Also, the company recently switched its entire inventory over to Crown I-Tech 8000s. "It's the only amp we use," said Shadoan.

But most importantly in recent years, right from the start of the initiative, Sound Image was very active in the development of the HiQnet communications protocol and System Architect software, and its staff continues to act as key development partners to the program. Rick Kreifeldt, Vice-President of the System Development and Integration Group, believes that Sound Image has been highly instrumental in the development of the HiQnet platform. "Dave Shadoan and his team have been a part of HiQnet development from the early days and naturally they now are deploying some of the most sophisticated and advanced tour sound applications. For the Gwen Stefani tour, Gary Sanguinet, System Tech, developed intricate real-time control interfaces that provided incredible system-wide control and real-time monitoring of thousands of parameters. Sound Image has been an incredible high-tech partner who understands how to use networking to its fullest potential."

About Sound Image:

Sound Image designs and integrates advanced audio-video systems that set the benchmark for world-class communication. These systems combine quality and value for installations as varied as houses of worship, boardrooms, museums, casinos, corporate environments, municipalities, hotels, theme parks, stadiums and concert venues throughout North America.

Celebrating over 35 years of bringing world-class communication solutions to businesses, homes and concert venues, Sound Image is the premiere resource for audio video systems design, installation and service.

About HiQnet:

Harman HiQnet™ is the world's first connectivity and control protocol that integrates all product categories in the signal chain for professional audio systems of all types, size, and applications. Harman HiQnet no longer requires the user to manage multiple disparate operating systems or be responsible for programming individual signal processors, speaker controllers, wireless microphone systems, and mixing consoles. HiQnet was developed by the Harman Pro Group System Development and Integration Group (SDIG), a team of dedicated systems specialists based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About AKG Acoustics:

AKG Acoustics is widely recognized as the most innovative manufacturer of microphones, wireless systems and headphones in the world. Since its founding in Vienna, Austria in 1947, the company has been granted over 1,500 patents. Today, AKG employs over 60 engineers in research and development, providing them with the most advanced tools available for design, testing and performance simulation.

AKG Acoustics GmbH is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Located at 8500 Balboa Boulevard in Northridge, CA, AKG Acoustics, U.S. markets the full line of AKG Acoustics microphones, headphones, wireless systems and processing for recording, concert sound reinforcement, commercial sound, broadcast and home entertainment applications. AKG Acoustics is part of the Harman International (NYSE: HAR) family of companies, which includes trusted brands such as BSS, Crown, JBL, Infinity, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Soundcraft, Studer, dbx, Harman-Kardon, Revel and Digitech.

About the Harman Pro Group:

The Harman Pro Group ( is the world's largest provider of professional audio products and system solutions for commercial sound, contracting, tour sound, recording and broadcast, musician, portable PA and cinema applications. The Group is headquartered in Northridge, California and includes industry leaders AKG Acoustics, BSS Audio, Crown International, dbx, DigiTech, JBL Professional, Lexicon, Soundcraft, and Studer. The Group is part of Harman International Industries, Incorporated (NYSE: HAR), a leading supplier of high-quality, high fidelity audio products and infotainment systems for the automotive, home and professional markets.