29 January 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Further advancing the user customization and macro capabilities of Harman Pro Group's pioneering HiQnet™ system configuration and control software, the company today introduced HiQnet System Architect™ version 1.6 that includes several new import and export features which make it easier for integrators and consultants to design and implement presets for discrete venues and systems. In addition, HiQnet System Architect version 1.6 also includes a new AKG plug-in for offline configuration of AKG WMS 4000 systems, a new graphics engine for a more responsive user interface and master control panels are now configurable at device channel level providing greater detail of system control.

Commenting on the new additions, Rick Kreifeldt, Vice President Harman Pro System Development & Integration Group (SDIG) noted, "I am again extremely pleased to see that the stringent task we set ourselves of releasing a feature-rich update to System Architect every four months is still going strong. The System Development and Integration Group employs a number of software management philosophies to ensure we meet our goals and without doubt these are paying off. The development team is highly attuned to ensuring that the processes we have set in place make specifying, executing and proving feature implementation a well-oiled machine."

Building on the success of the processes in place, HiQnet System Architect 1.6 is one of the most feature-rich updates to date. The free upgrade includes Partial Venue File Export, the ability to save the settings of a user-determined selection of devices and associated Custom Control Panels within an open Venue file to disk. If the user already has an existing system configuration which includes a a rack of amplifiers, a line array configuration or a zone of devices, for example, it can now be very easily repurposed in additional system designs.

Also new to System Architect Version 1.6 is Venue File Import, the ability to import a complete existing Venue File into the open configuration including all the device configurations and Custom Control Panels it contains.

These two features together combine to create an extremely powerful sharing of existing data both from system design to system design and also for the building of libraries of sub-systems for contracting firms to share amongst staff.

"We have to ensure we both meet the needs of the brands who have a vested interest in the application and the users in the field. With each and every release, our work with our ever-expanding group of industry professionals ensures we do not drift from our focus of developing a control application which brings real-world benefit to the system designer. The file management tools included in System Architect 1.6 are a direct result of our communication with the industry."

System Architect version 1.6 brings with it a vastly updated AKG plug-in, written from the ground up. The plug-in offers several new features such as the integration of the IVM 4 in-ear monitoring System introduced earlier in 2007. Offline configuration is now possible, enabling both setting up systems of WMS 4000 and IVM 4 devices, and the grouping of multiple HUB 4000 Q devices for building large wireless systems. The plug-in adds the new Device Manager for configuring the frequency management easily by performing a fast new Environment Scan and Auto Setup. The plug-in will load and save settings of single devices (WMS 4000, IVM 4) or for a wireless system containing multiple HUB 4000 Qs and also includes a completely reworked and improved user interface. In addition, the new plu-gin adds support for the existing System Architect Custom Control Panel and Custom Monitor Panel features.

The multiple-device Master Control Panel interfaces, each provided by HPro brands to support control of their included products now not only enables configuration at device level but can also at individual a channel level, increasing the flexibility of operation. The channel configuration matrix allows the user to create a mix of the input and output channels of the selected devices, which are controlled by the single default panel.

Since the release of System Architect 1.4, the System Indicator Control has provided configurable alerts to an operator directly from a customized control panel interface. With the enhancements at version 1.6, the same control can now also trigger a hardware logic output on a device within the system, providing the system designer with the ability to trigger conditions on external, non-HiQnet devices.

The Graphics Engine powering System Architect has received a comprehensive upgrade improving operational performance.

System Architect 1.6 has also added a number of new features for HiQnet devices yet-to-be, including the ability to configure onboard device schedulers alongside the internal System Architect event scheduler interface and the ability to upload the settings contained in the Panel Presets feature introduced in System Architect 1.5. Panel Presets added the ability to store and recall settings of system-wide parameters on a single customizable control panel. Compatible HiQnet hardware to be introduced in 2008 will offer the ability to store these individual parameter settings from any number of other devices on the network and recall them directly. The device Schedulers and Panel Presets together will enhance the HiQnet system by negating the need to have a PC online for day-to-day recall of detailed settings.

About HiQnet:
Harman HiQnet is the world's first connectivity and control protocol that integrates all product categories in the signal chain for professional audio systems of all types, size, and applications. Harman HiQnet no longer requires the user to manage multiple disparate operating systems or be responsible for programming individual signal processors, speaker controllers, wireless microphone systems, and mixing consoles. HiQnet was developed by the Harman Pro Group System Development and Integration Group (SDIG), a team of dedicated systems specialists based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About the Harman Pro Group:
Headquartered in Northridge, California, the Harman Pro Group is part of Harman International Industries, Incorporated (, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high fidelity audio products and infotainment systems for the automotive, home and professional markets. The Company's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol: HAR. Harman Pro Group companies include AKG Acoustics, BSS Audio, dbx, Crown International, JBL Professional, Lexicon, Soundcraft, and Studer.