AKG 1 Click Setup For Harman HiQnet™ System Architect Configures The Wireless System With A Single Click

19 January 2009, United States

To accompany Harman’s introduction of System Architect 1.9, AKG has updated its System Architect plug-in for the HUB 4000 Q. The new AKG plug-in introduces two new groundbreaking features including 1 Click Setup and Programmer Guide. In response to the worldwide frequency band restrictions, users of wireless systems have serious problems finding the right frequencies for their wireless systems and a solution to these issues is the 1 Click Setup developed by AKG. The 1 Click Setup was designed to provide the user with a tool for setting up the entire wireless system quick and easy with a maximum of performance or operation stability.

1 Click Setup is very efficient and the ease of use provides users with the ability to locate frequencies required for a specific RF environment. It finds up to 40 frequencies in a 30 MHz band for WMS 4000/4500 depending on the RF environment and how many frequency bands are used at once. Within 3 minutes, 1 Click Setup is finding intermodulation free frequencies for the entire wireless systems consisting of multiple frequency bands of WMS 4000/4500 and IVM 4.

The AKG designed, channel-oriented user interface in System Architect Plug-In 3.3 provides intuitive control and user-friendly system setup using Device Manager, Environment Scan, 1 Click Setup, RF Monitor, Programmer Guide, Offline Configuration and many other functions.