HiQnet software training

JBL Professional Tour Sound Training Programs


Held at the JBL Professional factory on the Harman International Business Campus in Northridge, CA, USA, VTX / VERTEC and VTX Training Program sessions are designed to integrate line array theory and product-line applications with practical training in the areas of system design, setup and optimization.

In-depth 3-day training sessions cover the entire range of JBL Tour Sound products including VTX and VERTEC. 

Topics covered in the 2-day VTX training program include: line array theory, VTX Series model technical specifications, VTX DSP presets, Crown Audio VRack, JBL Line Array Calculator, advanced EASE modeling, array assembly and suspension techniques and JBL HiQnet Performance Manager™ software. Sound design techniques, subwoofer deployment, system measurement and optimization are illustrated with reference to VTX field-application case studies.


The VTX / VERTEC Training Program is appropriate for VTX or VERTEC system owners and technicians, performance-venue audio staff who work with JBL Tour Sound products in permanent facilities, and independent system or FOH engineers who encounter VTX or VERTEC systems in touring situations. Attendees of this 3-day course will gain a better understanding of how to discuss, plan the use of and optimize JBL's industry-leading VTX and VERTEC line array system products.

The 2-day VTX Training Program is appropriate for VTX System Owners and their technical staff as well as performance-venue audio staff, independent system engineers or FOH engineers.

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